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MR Peter Lewis NZPIF

No amount of reading landlord books and toiling away at legislations will ever properly prepare you for a tenancy crisis. When things go wrong, they go wrong. And you've got to claw your way out of the situation, dust yourself off, and move on. This webinar by long-time landlord, Peter Lewis, is designed to show you exactly how. Having been a hands-on landlord since the 90s, Peter has considerable coal-face experience dealing with all aspects of renting - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Peter's war stories will give you the tools and confidence you need the next time things go wrong with your tenants.

Specific talking points include:

  • What could go wrong with tenants - including particular areas of risks in 2018;
  • How to work out appropriate response to achieve the best outcome;
  • How to triage tenancy issues as they arise and how to prioritise your activities so that you are running your rentals efficiently;
  • What can be done to mitigate the damage to your rental portfolio when things do go wrong;
  • How to prepare for and work with Tenancy Mediation and the Tribunal to maximise your chance of success;
  • How to identify and address weaknesses in your management strategy to minimise the risks your portfolio is exposed to

This presentation is suitable for landlords on all experienced levels. While the context is that of a self-managing landlord, there will be plenty of good information for those who have property managers."


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