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August Meeting 2016 Initio Online Insurance - Gary van Zijl

Initio Online Insurance

Gary van Zijl

Methamphetamine contamination – prevention and protection.

We will discuss the topic of contamination from some basics around manufacture and use, the effects on property, and common testing and cleaning methods. Included in this is some background on how cover is provided by the various insurers in the market, and a brief overview of policy wordings (across the market) and common requirements that may make the difference in the claim.

Holler v Osaki – the recent decision on tenant’s liability.

The recent decision in the Court of Appeal has meant that landlords can no longer hold the tenants liable for damage done to their property. This includes a bit of back-ground on the difference between malicious damage and unintentional or accidental damage, and how this affects property owners in the practical sense.

General risk management and claims tips from an insurers perspective.

Advice on common issues that come up in landlord’s insurance claims, and how best to avoid them. From the basics such as taking photos of property and items whenever possible, to the issue of “indemnity value” and how this impact your risks. This segment of hints and tips on the back end of insurance claims to get you claim settled as quickly as possible.


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