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June '09 Issue

Stories on apartments being hot buys have been endemic of late, but how reliable have reports been? Good enough to stake your portfolio on? We pull apart the apartment market to find out if they're a gold-mine for investors in the current market.

High-profile, ex-Shortland Street actor, Paul Reid shares his apartment investing strategy, which has seen his portfolio weather the downturn without a scratch

Our renovation feature looks at how to keep your renovations within budget and which parts of a renovation are notorious for being money-drainers

Becoming an accidental landlord could be the best thing that ever happened to you financially. Find out how to turn things to your advantage in our feature this month.

In our A day in the life feature, we spend the day with a tenant advocate, whose diplomatic skills render her a huge asset to both landlords and tenants alike.

And guru Michael Yardney explains why you should be sitting on the sidelines, rather than participating
in the recession.

Also in the June 2009 issue:

  • Opinion: Find out what The Landlord has to say.
  • News: Auckland market stabilising; RTA sense at last; Virtual exchange for syndicate dealers; New property package on offer; Pegasus town in action.
  • Diary: What's on for property investors this month? Find out where the hottest events are happening around the country.
  • Housing commentary: Spring has come unseasonably early to the property market, but there are still cold snaps to come
  • Ask an expert: Our experts this month, answer your tax structuring, landlording, and mortgage questions
  • Columns:
    • Accounting: Issues of GST clawbacks on trading properties that are let to tenants before sale
    • Mortgages: Should you switch mortgages to a main bank, if you are currently with a non-bank lender?
    • Economics: Why haven't OCR cuts been filtering through to borrowers?
    • Property management: What to do when tenants get abusive and why landlords must stay in control
    • Tax: common GST questions about development properties switching to residential rentals
    • Valuations: There are signs of life returning to sales figures, in some areas, the market has swung to a sellers' playground
  • NZPIF: News and events from around the regions, plus a competition for Tenant of the Year being promoted by the Waikato Property Investors' Association
  • Regional review: Waitakere City is making a name for itself as an eco-friendly city. With planned growth for economic development, how does the area stack up for investment potential?
  • Mortgage commentary: The big banks have been dragging their feet in terms of passing on the latest OCR cut to borrowers. But with pressure on for rates to drop, should investors fix or float?
  • Toolbox: The NZ Property Investor has a new tool to make investing a little easier when it comes to the numbers - the Cash Flow Forecaster CD. Jenny Ruth checks it out
  • Property book: Take back the power when buying property, with Stephen Hart's revised and updated book, The Streetwise Home Buyer
  • And much more!

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