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Insider's guide to building law

For every grumbling tenant in any building, there is likely to also be a grumbling landlord wondering why he or she ever bothered to get into the property market in the first place. The rules and regulations, compliance and even just understanding council jargon is enough to put off most unwary investors, but for those who do plunge in, the risks are high especially if you have limited knowledge of the rules of the game.

Enter Rosemary Hazlewood who has been bridging the gap between building inspectors and building owners for many years and finally wrote a book for investors to help them understand the game better. The Insider’s Guide to Building Law is the first of a series of three or possibly four books aimed at ensuring everyone involved in buying real estate knows what to do and when to do it.   She not only specialises in helping people to understand the council protocols, and requirements, but also how to not be an unwary landlord when it comes to who can do what and how much it might cost to not keep up with requirements.

This book is already creating quite a stir in the building industry and is being welcomed by inspectors, councils and landlords for the valuable way Rosemary has explained all the jargon and how things work - including pointing out that yes, building inspectors are friendly helpful people!

Rosemary Hazlewood is the National Training Director for the Building Officials Institute of NZ and Director of Building Networks, a training consultancy specialising in compliance training. If there was a degree to be had in making compliance easy to understand Rosemary would have it having specialised in Building Act training since 1995. She brings with her practical insights and wisdom from years of working alongside building compliance staff, Council and building inspectors.

The Insider’s Guide To Building Law
Available from June 2009
60 pages, A5, and packed with good advice – RRP $14.95
ISBN# 978-0-9582987-0-4


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