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Wheeler-dealer sheilas set sights on Kiwi property


A group of Australian women property investors will arrive in Auckland this week hoping to inspire people to make money their way.

Judith Taylor, based in Newcastle for the organisation Property Women, said her group - with 15,000 members - would consider buying houses here.

"While our investors are not expected to buy on the day, some may decide to do so," Taylor said. "We see an ongoing relationship forming with New Zealand.

"For those who don't buy, they will have gained contacts and knowledge and it is envisaged that they can then do further research from Australia and make purchases from a distance. Once women get a taste for property, they don't stop at one.

"In Auckland we will be viewing different areas from the waterfront mansions to the cheapies. However, it's the cheapies that our ladies will be interested in."

The group will be here from Friday until Tuesday.

Murray Horton of the Christchurch-based Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa compared the Australian visitors to "greedy locals who played a major role in creating the housing bubble that has now burst".

Andrew King of the Auckland Property Investors Association said about 20 of its members had formed a women's sub-group which met regularly.

About half the association's members were women and that number was rising, King said. But he wondered about the need for a separate organisation of women landlords.

"Most women would not see this as a reason to split things along gender lines," he said.

Taylor said Property Women catered for residential investors and it would encourage Australian women to buy in New Zealand.

"This beautiful country has been known by many descriptions - Land of the Long White Cloud, God's Own Country ... But it is the land of great big property investment opportunities," the organisation says.

Taylor said women needed knowledge and confidence and this could best be gained in an all-women environment.

"More and more women are realising that a man is no financial plan ... Property is the preferred investment choice for women because they realise that property investing is as safe as houses," she said.

Women's superannuation was usually only half that of a man's at retirement and New Zealand women's incomes were just 54 per cent of men's, she added. Yet women outlive men by some years.

The main issue couples argued about was money, but divorced women often had custody of children, meaning they needed money to feed, clothe and educate them.

"We have found that if you give women the education and then present them with an action plan they just do it. It's just like following a recipe," Taylor said.

The organisation is holding a one-day seminar in Auckland this Saturday.

"We will be bringing along a group of very enthusiastic Aussie investors to learn the ropes and share ideas with the New Zealand ladies at the workshop."

That seminar will cost $997, and a three-day tour from Auckland to Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga is being offered for over $2000, led by Robyn Marsters of Hamilton, who Taylor described as an experienced New Zealand investor with 50 properties bought in five years while raising a family.

Kathy Englebrecht, an Auckland investor and finders' agent, would also be on the tour, along with real estate agents who would show investors properties for sale.

Taylor said her organisation was about educating, not selling, and no kickbacks would be paid to the finders or agents.

And the organisation's catch cry? "Property is a girl's best friend."

Saturday's seminar runs from 8.30am-6pm at the Duxton Hotel. For more information, go to

Why NZ is better than Australia:
* Cheaper houses for investment
* $100,000-$150,000 deals
* Great for beginners
* No stamp duty or land tax
* Cashflow-positive properties
* Opportunity to add value
* Favourable exchange rate
* Low mortgage interest rates


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