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January '09 Issue

Trying to navigate a path forward can be difficult when what lies behind you looks like a trail of destruction.

Our lead feature this month takes a look ahead at 2009 and also takes a flashback with the investors profiled over 2008.

With the summer month flooding the coast throughout New Zealand with holidaymakers, how does coastal property currently stack up as an investment?

Our profile this month is Hamilton property investor Michele Coker, who has tasted sweet success, but learnt some valuable lessons along the way.

Renovating flooring and window treatments can take up a huge chunk of the budget. Jane Eyles-Bennett has tips on how to keep costs down and still achieve a great look

In our beginners’ series we look at the tools you need for managing your property and tenants. Even if you’ve chosen to delegate the management side of the business, if you understand the logistics behind what it takes, it will help you become an even better investor

Giving others what they want – or what they think they want – is a powerful tool of persuasion states Michel Yardney. Used wisely and with integrity, it can help you gat the best deal possible.

We also spend a day in the life of a DBH mediation team. Keepers of the peace – we take a look at how the mediation machine works.

Also in the January 2009 issue:

  • Opinion: Find out what The Landlord has to say
  • News: IRD goes quiet on property; New property tax crackdown coming; Housing facts. Did you know...; Demand for rentals due to increase
  • Housing commentary:The deck seems to have been stacked to the detriment of the housing market, but is the playing field going to level out this year?
  • Ask an expert: We answer your burning property investment questions.
  • Mortgage Commentary: Fixing short will give you more flexibility to take advantage of further dropping rates
  • Toolbox: The Department of Building and Housing has an innovative tool to help you become a better landlord. Find out how to get your free copy
  • Columns:
    • Accounting:What are the issues around breaking a fixed term interest rate? Mark Withers looks at the implications
    • Mortgages:Keeping the cost of finance as low as possible should always be a priority, but it’s not all about interest rates, writes Jonathan Michell
    • Economics:Khoon Goh takes a shot at predicting what 2009 could look like and it’s not all bad news
    • Property management:Pat Allen shares tips for keeping current and prospective tenants happy
    • Negotiation: Tracy Hintz explains why any time is a good time to buy more investment property
  • Regional review: Gisborne - Sun, surf and sand will always make Gisborne an attractive place to live. We check out the local scene for how well it stacks up as an investment location
  • NZPIF: News and events from around the regions
  • Property books:In an sluggish market, strategies and insider information are invaluable. How to Sell an House Fast in a Slow Real Estate Market by William Bronchick & Ray Cooper will help your property stand out from the rest
  • And much more!

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