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Tenancy information now available in CD format

A new information pack for landlords is now available in digital format on a compact disc.
The disc, produced by the Department of Building and Housing, gives landlords important advice and information on managing properties effectively and giving tenants value for money.
It also includes video clips of real landlords sharing useful tips on running a successful tenancy business.
The CD has four main sections: Getting Started, Managing your Tenancy, Maximising Value and Managing Disputes. Each section covers many specific topics in more detail.
The new format gives the user quick and easy access to any aspect of letting property and as it does not use paper is good for the environment.
The CD version contains 16 documents already available but also includes copies of all the other key publications of interest to landlords, as well as some new material, particularly around dealing with property managers.
Jeff Montgomery, the Department of Building and Housing’s, Client Services Manager, said: “This CD presents practical useful advice on running a successful tenanted property in an attractive, easy-to-understand way.
“It will appeal to novices and experienced investors alike and is a useful edition to the department’s information service for landlords and tenants.”
Notes for editors
CD ROMs are available on request by calling 0800TENANCY or from

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