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Tenancy Tribunal orders available online

Tenancy Tribunal orders are now available free of charge on the internet, Courts Minister Rick Barker announced today.

The Tenancy Tribunal which is administered by the Ministry of Justice through Courts is a quick and affordable way for landlords and tenants to settle disputes which they are unable to resolve themselves.

"The Tenancy Tribunal issues around 20,000 orders a year and the public will now be able to access decisions online though the Ministry of Justice website," Mr Barker said.

"The online publication of Tenancy Tribunal orders is a further extension of the Labour-led government's commitment to improving public access to the justice system.

"Users will be able to search for orders using the Tenancy Tribunal application number, the address of the residence, or the name of one of the parties involved. The service will be one of many sources of information for landlords and tenants to help them make more informed decisions.

"Orders made by the Tenancy Tribunal have always been publicly available in hard copy form. This service is about making it easier to access those records and ensuring our judicial processes are open and understandable.

"I would like to acknowledge the hard work which has gone into this project by officials to make sure that this site is a useful resource and meets the needs of both tenants and landlords.

"I encourage people to make use of this service and provide feedback and suggestions," Mr Barker said.

To access Tenancy Tribunal orders online visit

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