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Short-term LVR effect predicted

The housing market will hesitate for a few weeks once the loan-to-value speed limits are introduced tomorrow before getting back into business as usual, property commentator Olly Newland says.
30-09-2013 more >>

Five months for plan submissions

Auckland’s unitary plan was notified today, giving five months for the public to make formal submissions. The Property Council has already weighed in, saying it supports the council’s measures to simplify the plan and its processes.
30-09-2013 more >>

LVR moves slowing housing supply

If the heat in the Auckland housing market is largely due to a lack supply, the Reserve Bank may not be pleased to hear reports from the Registered Master Builders Federation that the looming loan-to-value speed limits are slowing construction.
27-09-2013 more >>

Returns 'pay off' for green building

Green buildings provide better investment returns to their owners, the World Green Building Council says. Chief executive Jane Henley is in New Zealand to present a report called "The Business Case for Green Building."
26-09-2013 more >>

Reserve Bank could target investors

Macroprudential tools could be used to target residential property investors, the Reserve Bank says in its latest Bulletin.
26-09-2013 more >>

Mortgages more expensive

Low-deposit mortgages will not only be harder to get from the end of this month, but they will be a lot more expensive. From October 1, banks will be required to keep the amount of new lending to borrowers with a deposit of less than 20 per cent to no more than 10 per cent of their total mortgage lending.
25-09-2013 more >>

ASB cancels preapprovals

Many home buyers with ASB mortgage preapprovals will not be able to use them from early next month. The bank has announced it is withdrawing its preapprovals for buyers with deposits of less than 20%.
23-09-2013 more >>

Commission charged on high end of price

Auckland real estate agency The Property Market has launched a new commission structure that means vendors are only charged for the top end of the sale price.
23-09-2013 more >>

Migration momentum a property driver: ANZ

Migration is now a key source of demand for housing, the latest ANZ Property Focus report says. Of the ten gauges the report uses to indicate the future direction of property prices, that is the only one that is now pointing only up.
20-09-2013 more >>

Migration momentum a property driver: ANZ

Migration is now a key source of demand for housing, the latest ANZ Property Focus report says. Of the ten gauges the report uses to indicate the future direction of property prices, that is the only one that is now pointing only up.
20-09-2013 more >>

Commentator concerned at loss of data

Property commentator Alistair Helm says Kiwis are missing out on valuable real estate data.
19-09-2013 more >>

Hamilton renters get warning

Investors could soon squeeze first-home buyers out of the Hamilton market and push rents higher, a local real estate agency says.
18-09-2013 more >>

House prices likely to start to cool in November: Westpac

A drop in turnover and a lengthening in the average time it takes a property to sell will be the first signs of a slowdown in the residential housing market, Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens says.
17-09-2013 more >>

Regional first-home buyers acting fast: REINZ

Activity is picking up in regional New Zealand ahead of the loan-to-value speed limit introduction at the end of the month, the Real Estate Institute says.
16-09-2013 more >>

Sellers' market, prices rising: Survey

A record proportion of real estate agents say the market they’re operating in favours sellers, the latest BNZ-REINZ Residential Market Survey shows.
16-09-2013 more >>

Tax advantages over home owners

There have been many comments in the media recently about rental property owners having a tax advantage over home buyers and can therefore afford to pay more for a property. This is technically true, however the difference is so small that it doesn’t make any practical difference.
15-09-2013 more >>

Rent control policy questioned

Rent controls proposed by Labour party leadership hopeful Grant Robertson have been panned by Act leader John Banks. He plans to introduce a private member's bill to get "rent stabilisation" across the city.
13-09-2013 more >>

LVR move's effectiveness uncertain: Wheeler

Loan-to-value speed limits won’t be removed until the Reserve Bank is convinced it won't prompt a resurgence in house prices, governor Graeme Wheeler said this morning.
12-09-2013 more >>

Affordability action starts now: Brown

Auckland Council has agreed on a proposed Unitary Plan and mayor Len Brown says it clears the way for action on housing affordability.
10-09-2013 more >>

QV: LVR move won't slow market

House prices will increase for some time yet despite the introduction of loan-to-value speed limits at the end of the month, QV research director Jonno Ingerson says.
09-09-2013 more >>

Alexander: Not enough builders

A shortage of builders means that the rate of house construction is not going to lift much, no matter how much land is freed up, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander.
06-09-2013 more >>

No upwards price pressure, agency reports

Auckland’s average price is slowly dropping, the city’s biggest real estate agency reports. Barfoot and Thompson’s average sales price in August was $647,647, more than $6700 lower than in July and more than $2200 lower than in June.
04-09-2013 more >>

Buyers getting around restrictions: Broker

Parents are offering their equity as security or increasing their own debt to provide deposits for their first-home buyer children, an Auckland broker says.
04-09-2013 more >>

Landlords need more insurance information

Few Auckland landlords completely understand widespread changes to the way insurance policies work, new research shows.
03-09-2013 more >>

Inventory at record lows

Listings are up but not enough to keep pace with buyer demand, the latest property report from shows.
02-09-2013 more >>

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