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Archive: March 2008

Rents shoot up 7% as landlords feel the pinch

Renters are hurting as much as homeowners - national average rents are up by just over 7 per cent, the average rental now costs %300 per week.
28-03-2008 more >>

Rates up, up and away

Mortgage rates are continuing to rise. Even over five year-terms, rates from some lenders are now priced at well over 10%.
28-03-2008 more >>

Long term leases are beneficial but have downsides

President of the NZPIF appreciates the aim of the Minister of Building and Construction to ensure renters have more stability but says there are downsides to long term leases of 15-33 years
27-03-2008 more >>

Concern over long-term renters prompts proposal for tenancy rights

Concern over the long-term increase in families renting rather than owning homes has prompted Minister for Building and Construction, Shane Jones to propose providing stable rental rights, for the benefit of both landlords and tenants.
25-03-2008 more >>

Home loan rates up and rising

Mortgage lenders have continued to raise home loan rates over the past week and there are suggestions from some commentators that they could go higher still.
20-03-2008 more >>

Flying high

Mortgage rates are continuing to rise even though the Reserve Bank held the official cash rate (OCR) at 8.25% last week.
14-03-2008 more >>

Expert advice: wait for housing crisis sales

Don't buy yet, don't sell right now and polish the nugget you're sitting on .
13-03-2008 more >>

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