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Signs grow of cooling housing

Kelly Andrews of the Dominion Post reports on fresh evidence of a cooling housing market coming from a report predicting growth in property values could soon slip back to single figures.
13-08-2007 more >>

Top property investor selling up

One of New Zealand's top property investors is selling up his portfolio because, as Greg Ninness discovers, he sees the credit crunch as the beginning of the end.
10-08-2007 more >>

MPs grill Bollard over interest rate hikes

Reserve Bank Governor Allan Bollard has warned MPs that they will fight the next election campaign amid the highest interest rates in recent times.
06-08-2007 more >>

The official cash rate (OCR) increases to 8.00%.

The OCR will increase by 25 basis points to 8.00%. Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said: 'Domestic demand has grown strongly since late 2006, particularly in the household sector.'
06-08-2007 more >>

Inquiry into the Future Monetary Policy Framework

Written submissions to the inquiry into alternative ways to control inflation closed during the month (19 July).
31-07-2007 more >>

Mental health consumers given helping hand by 'friendly' landlord initiative

A new Hawke's Bay initiative is helping people with mental health issues find a rented home without having to spend months on a waiting list.
27-07-2007 more >>

Reserve Bank raises cash rate again

The New Zealand dollar may have topped out on indications the Reserve Bak has finished hoisting interest rates.

26-07-2007 more >>

ANZ Property Focus against ring fencing of losses

In a feature article in the lastest ANZ Property Focus published July 23, ANZ economists say they believe that ring-fencing investment tax losses lacks a sound economic rationale.
24-07-2007 more >>

Three big banks to cut commissions

Mortgage brokers are facing cuts of up to 30% in commission paid by some banks from October. The cuts are expected to result in widespread changes in the industry, encouraging diversification and mergers between groups.
20-07-2007 more >>

House prices drop but little danger of market collapsing

If Alan Bollard didn't manage a smile when the latest house data was revealed last week, he would make a good poker player.
19-07-2007 more >>

KiwiSaver could make refinancing harder

Increasing home loan rates are not the only thing hurting borrowers at the moment. One brokers says joining KiwiSaver could make refinancing even harder.
13-07-2007 more >>

ANZ National Bank increase market share

ANZ/National Bank increased its share of the mortgage market in the September quarter, the first quarter it hasn't lost market share since the June 2006 quarter.
12-07-2007 more >>

Estate agents see feast for lawyers under new rules

Anne Gibson reports that consumers may need to arm themselves with lawyers to do battle against rich real estate agents and their firms under the new system unveiled by the Government yesterday.
11-07-2007 more >>

Rebound shows 'remarkable resilience'

James Weir of the Dominion Post reports that business confidence is rebounding despite high interest rates and a high flying dollar and economists say this is another sign of "remarkable resilience".
29-06-2007 more >>

Inquiry into Housing Affordability – Submissions closed

Written submissions to the Commerce Select Committee Inquiry into housing affordability (examining the cost of housing for first home buyers) –closed this month (15 June).
29-06-2007 more >>

Loan arrears increase

Loans underlying New Zealand residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) recorded a slight rise in arrears greater than 30 days over the March quarter.
22-06-2007 more >>

Cullen looks at changing tax laws for investment properties

The Government is looking at removing a tax advantage for those who own rental properties.
21-06-2007 more >>

Investors reject capital gains tax

Property investors are rejecting suggestions that a capital gains tax will check soaring house prices.
19-06-2007 more >>

Answer not a tax, accountant says

A captial gains tax to cool the booming property market was a knee-jerk reaction toa  cyclical problem, leading Dunedin tax accountant said yesterday.
19-06-2007 more >>

Rises, rises all around

Home owners or people about to sign up to a mortgage to buy a property don’t have many good interest rate choices in front of them at the moment.
15-06-2007 more >>

Developer offers back $5million

A high flying Auckland property developer has warned others in his sector they could be inadvertently flouting the securities law beacuse of the way they sell housing developments.
14-06-2007 more >>

Housing tax advantage a myth - IRD

Inland Revenue says it is a myth that investments in housing have a tax advantage over other types of investment.
13-06-2007 more >>

Affordable-housing bill 'perverse'

The Property Council says the Government's solution to boost cheap houses for first home buyers would push up the prices of other houses.
12-06-2007 more >>

Key promises more affordable homes

National has moved to claim housing affordability as one of its key election planks.
08-06-2007 more >>

Rates fall, but its not the turning point

In the past week a number of home loan lenders have been dropping some of their fixed term rates however this shouldn't be seen as an ongoing trend.
07-06-2007 more >>

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