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View the NZPIF List of sponsors - click here, cash account numbers and contact details. 2014. This list includes National sponsors Account numbers plus Hubands Offer and Metro Glass offer which are local businesses. Also please contact us for our local Dulux account number at Guthrie Bowron, Whangarei.

View the 2014 Toshiba Heat Pump brochure - click here. The brochure has prices, contact details and a guide to calculate which is the most appropriate sited unit for the  space to be heated/cooled.

Heat pump offer for October 2015

$20 off Thermoptek Smoke Alarm


The groundbreaking Thermoptek™ technology in the Thermoptek smoke alarm provides responsiveness to all fire types in one alarm and removes the need for ionisation alarms - putting the environment first.

This is the smoke alarm of choice for the New Zealand Property Investors' Federation that not only promotes tenant safety but also minimises tenant disruption.  Thermoptek™ technology combines the very latest in optical sensing with thermal enhancement, providing fast reaction to both slow smouldering and fast flaming fires in a single alarm

Recognising that not all batteries are made the same – the smoke alarm includes 10-year laser-welded lithium power pack which prevents moisture ingress to ensure the alarm will remain powered for life.

The Thermoptek smoke alarms are now available for APIA members to purchase directly by emailing at a discounted price of $25 (including GST) rather than the standard retail of $45.  A $10.00 courier fee will be added for each order for orders under 100 units.  


Refer to the below video to find out how to correctly install the smoke alarm.


Special SMOKE ALARM DEAL for members


NZPIF has negotiated a super deal for the purchase of Thermoptek Sensor smoke alarms. These smoke alarms are the same as installed by the NZ Fire Service and retail elsewhere for $45 but are just $25 for PIA members. These photoelectric smoke alarms come with a 10 year battery life, Themoptek technology combines the very latest in optical sensing with thermal enhancement, providing fast reaction to both slow smoldering and fast flaming fires in a single alarm. It has a large central reset button that makes it easy to reset so it is less likely to annoy tenants and lead to them taking it down. 

To order, go to and log in. Click on Products and then Orders in the menu on the left hand side bar and use one of these options to order smoke alarms. (Please note you need to be a financial member in order to log in). Smoke alarms are also listed under the menu item Resources.

Option 1 – PIAs can order 100 smoke alarms (free delivery) or in multiples of 20 (set $10 delivery fee on orders less than 100). These are delivered to the Association's or a specified address so members can purchase smoke alarms at monthly meetings.

The PIA's order goes directly to the suppliers, but an invoice for the alarms will come from the National Office.  ($2,500 for 100, $2,010 for 80, $1,510 for 60, $1,010 for 40 or $510 for 20). There is no delivery charge for orders of 100 or more

Option 2 - An individual member orders and pays for 1 or more packs of 20 alarms ($500 per pack), which are delivered directly to their business address. (A set $10 delivery charge applies for any quantity of 1 to 4 packs. Orders of 5 packs + are free).

The individual pays NZPIF online by credit card at the time of ordering and the order goes directly to the supplier who will supply the smoke alarms to the address given on the order.


APIA TV   The Auckland Property Investors' Association is now offering our sister associations the opportunity to participate in the APIA TV Affiliation a dedicated property video channel powered by the Auckland Property Investors' Association (APIA).  Originally designed as an alternative portal of information for our members, APIA TV has since grown into a dynamic dedicated video channel bringing investors all over the world timely and worthwhile information pertaining to their portfolios.  The channel adopts a broad-scope approach to property education and has since launched a number of specific series that has been well received by its viewers.  

The APIA TV Affiliation Programme is a response to the growing number of enquiries we have received from members as well as committee members of our sister associations.  We have identified that there is a demand in the property investor community for this product. We see as an opportunity for APIA TV to be made more accessible to property investors affiliated with the NZPIF This affiliation programme has been designed to include a goodwill discount of $100 off APIA TV subscription for members of all NZPIF affiliated PIAs

The scheme operates as below: 

APIA TV retails for $195 (including GST) per year.  Members of any NZPIF affiliated PIAs will receive a $100 discount by entering the unique association discount code which is obtained from the NPIA committee.

Registration for APIA TV can be done on   


Metro Direct

"The NZPIF is pleased to announce a new Business Partnership agreement with Metro Direct -

If you're building or renovating talk to the glass specialists.  Your local Metro Direct store has a huge range of high-performance glass to reinvent bathrooms, open up living spaces, and add beauty and comfort to any home.  They will provide practical advice, arrange delivery at a convenient time, with installation by their specialist team who really know glass.  Their product range includes splash backs, mirrors, frameless glass showers and balustrades.  They also specialise in RetroFit double glazing for both timber and aluminium joinery. 

Simply show your current NZPIF membership card and automatically receive discount on your purchase. Metro Direct has agreed to supply members of PIAs affiliated with NZPIF with an automatic minimum discount of 15% on purchases. In addition the labour content of any work Metro Direct, or its associates, does for members will automatically be charged at the trade rate.  Click through to their website and see the wonderful possibilities of glass

Initially this offer from Metro Direct will apply to purchases made by members in areas where Metro Direct has retail outlets and will be extended as the number of retail outlets is increased.   Currently retail outlets are in these areas.

Whangarei   Hamilton   Napier  Palmerston North   Taranaki    Nelson    Cromwell    Dunedin


Mr Brian Kerr, Marlborough Property Investors Assn  - Author  for copies of Brians books, please go to  his link