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Property and Business Accounting Ltd


PABAL focuses on providing accounting and taxation services for businesses domiciled in New Zealand. These include:


  1. Record processing and training to encourage self sufficiency;
  2. Creating the right reports to facilitate good business decisions;
  3. Statutory and management accounts;
  4.  Business structure advice;
  5. All Inland Revenue requirements including audit management and filing;
  6. All Companies Office requirements including company formation and annual returns;
  7.  All ACC requirements including invoice reviews and employee set up, and
  8. Audit liaison.

 The approach adopted by PABAL is unique in that the client is encouraged to maintain their own records. There is no need to pick up the clients records and reprocess into an in-house accounting package. This approach was adopted as the traditional paper based accounting model simply does not work for clients based in New York, Paris, Melbourne or Christchurch. All records are maintained in a “soft copy” format allowing instantaneous transfers to clients, banks and other nominated parties.

The other uniqueness about PABAL is its commitment to responding to client requests.

The service goals are listed below,

  1. Respond to all phone calls on day of receipt, and
  2. Respond to all electronic correspondence within 24 hours of receipt.

Company Name

Property and Business Accounting Ltd

Company Contact

Mr Peter Meads

Phone No

Phone: +64 9 376 9649

Postal Address

Property and Business Accounting Limited PO Box 147 406 Ponsonby, Auckland 1144

Street Address

Unit 1, 81-83 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland




Property and Business Accounting Ltd