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  • Are there really too many property investors?
    A recent CoreLogic report has claimed that 46% of property sales in Auckland over the last month were to investors. This figure was obtained by counting the number of properties bought by people who have an existing home. Apart from investing, there are many other situations where this may occur.
    13-06-2016 more >>
  • Labour support on city limits welcomed
    The new position by the Labour opposition calling for an abolition of city limits has been welcomed by Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith.
    18-05-2016 more >>
  • Effects of credit and population shocks on housing prices
    The effects of population and credit shocks on housing prices are much more long term than has been previously realised, say Arthur Grimes and Sean Hyland of Motu Economic and Public Policy Research.
    16-04-2015 more >>
  • Building a better New Zealand Conference in September
    Innovative ways to create better communities and improve the performance of existing buildings will be discussed by national and overseas speakers at the Building a Better New Zealand conference in September.
    27-07-2014 more >>
  • Dunne welcomes housing relief in Wellington
    Ohariu MP and Leader of UnitedFuture Hon Peter Dunne welcomed today’s joint announcement between the Government and Wellington City Council to open up more areas for housing in the Wellington region.
    24-06-2014 more >>
  • Wellington Housing Accord proposal to facilitate growth
    A Wellington Housing Accord has been proposed between the Government and council to facilitate increased supply of housing in the capital, Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith and Mayor Celia Wade-Brown announced today.
    24-06-2014 more >>
  • Housing pressures are easing gradually
    Pressures in the New Zealand housing market are easing gradually but risks remain, the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank, Grant Spencer, said in a speech today.
    09-05-2014 more >>
  • Lower standards to boost affordability: Alexander
    It needs to become cheaper to build houses if New Zealand is to avoid a situation where lower income families have nowhere to live, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander.
    25-10-2012 more >>
  • Interest rates drive investors into property: Alexander
    More investors will choose to put their money into even quite expensive properties as interest rates remain low, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander.
    21-09-2012 more >>
  • Prices will keep rising: Economist
    Awareness of the shortage of available housing in some parts of New Zealand is driving buyers into the market, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander. Investors are also increasingly looking to buy he says, driven by expectations of rent rises and capital gains.
    24-08-2012 more >>

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